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PostSubject: Disclaimer   Disclaimer Icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2007 9:10 am

Dear Reader,

This site has been created for the purpose of learning and experiencing the mysteries of Life and Creation. In no way shape or form do we claim that the information found here is 100% accurate, nor do we claim to be experts in our fields.

We acknowledge that we are all here on the cutting edge of knowledge, and that at worst whatever is posted here is pure speculation, and at best sparks of inspirational wisdom.

We do not guarantee that posting a request for a reading will automatically result in a reading being done. Since we are not charlatans here, it may so happen that the reading which is requested cannot be done because the reader has not made any psychic contact with a source which can provide answers.

All advice given here, should be taken with some reservations, and the onus lies 100% on the seeker to decide if he/she wants to implement the advice given. This goes for all readings done on the forums too.

In no shape, way or form do we accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage done spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically to any seeker and/or third parties who come here and/or are affected by our answers and advice and/or act upon it.

If a seeker has a medical problem, the medical profession should be consulted and doctors orders should be carried out. Even though we fully attempt to provide for a seeker practical and usable advice, we do not claim to be able to cure anyone from any affliction, and the advice here should just be regarded as complimentary to any action already taken by the seeker to remedy his/her problem.

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