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 Share your Real Bloopers.....

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Milady Raka

Milady Raka

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PostSubject: Share your Real Bloopers.....   Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:23 pm

It was just after the movie show Dirty Dancing... We made our exit from the moviehouse in the posh Sandton Centre (the place where all the fur and ferrari brigades gathered to show off the latest manicures, pedicures and headache cures)...and walked through the huge covered car park toward my husband's car, discussing the movie.

My husband commented on the slender muscular legs of the lady who placed her foot on Patrick Swayze's shoulder in the dance, and me (with my big mouth), said: "Oh, that's nothing, I can do it too.." My husband stopped in his tracks and dared me to place my ankle on his shoulder...

Now I must tell you that his daughter came to see the movie with us (she was 15 at the time) and she stopped dead in her tracks too, turning around waiting for me to accept the challenge....which OF COURSE I did...

I was wearing a lovely grey outfit of which the material resembled snake skin. Pants and a loose chinese top, plus a pair of grey snake skin stilleto's with the heels about five inches high.

Placing my matching handbag in his daughter's custody I grinned and turned to face him.... Then I swung my leg up...level with his shoulder. "No.." he said,..."that's not good enough, she put her leg ONTOP of his shoulder". I grinned wider and swung my leg up again, higher this time and placing it smack on his shoulder. Problem is...he is 6 feet 2 inches in his socks, and he was wearing boots with two inch heels...which made him 6 feet 4 inches high...and....he grabbed my ankle....holding it.

I lost my balance and my other leg caved in, causing him to bend forward and me landing smack on my tush on the tarmac. I began to laugh uncontrollably because you see...about ten yards behind us were a group of yuppies who just came out of the same movie house too, and they were cheering me on...

My husband's daughter slapped the handbag into her father's hand and made an about turn...walking on without looking back..not wanting to know us. He was still standing holding my ankle and I was sitting on my tush on the tarmac with tears streaming down my eyes from laughter...

I will never forget this... His daughter didn't speak to us both for two days...then she needed to ask her dad for pocket money again....LMAO

love and rainbows


"Where I come from nobody goes...where I go to nobody knows..."
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Share your Real Bloopers.....
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