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 Stains on the carpet

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PostSubject: Stains on the carpet   Sat Jun 09, 2007 3:33 pm

Well, I would prefer that the carpet never get stained, but with a 14 y.o. daughter that insists at eating dinner in front of the TV, well, stains on the carpet are bound to happen. Especially when the living room is small and crowded, lol...

My little spot I call Midgard. Note the web page I'm on Smile

Anyway, for those nasty stains, nothing works better in a pinch than a wad of toilet tissue paper for absorbing the offending spill if applied quickly. The carpet is less prone to stain than if wiped with a sponge or some other product.

The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom while he sits by his hearth at home quickly finds when questioned by others that he knows nothing at all.
- The Havamal, verse 26

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Stains on the carpet
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