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 Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007

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Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007 Empty
PostSubject: Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007   Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007 Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2007 2:47 am

Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007 Town_c10
Preston's Town-crier

In Medieval England, town criers were the chief means of news communication with the people of the town since many people could not read or write. Royal proclamations, local byelaws, market days, adverts, even selling loaves of sugar were all proclaimed by a bellman or crier throughout the centuries—At Christmas 1798, the Chester Canal Co. sold some sugar damaged in their packet boat and this was to be advertised by the bellman.

Chester's first recorded 'belman' was in 1540, when fees recorded included one (old) penny for 'going for anything that is lost' and 4d for leading the funeral procession. In 1681, a fire safety order by the city Assembly that all houses should be tiled, not thatched, was to 'be published throughout the city by the day bellman. In 1553, the Crier was paid 13d for 'ridunge the banes' (reading the banns or adverts for the Chester Mystery Plays. In 1598, Bellman Richard Woodcock must have been dressed in a similar way to the London Bellman, for he had 'a tymber mast typt at both endes and embellished in the middest with silver. In 1620, there was a fight at the cross between the butchers and the bakers where the 'Cryer brake his Mace in peeces Amonge them'. In 1607, one public notice read by George Tunnall, the bellman, forbade tipping rubbish in the river. In 1715, a local man recorded that the'Belman at the Cross ... Reads publicly a proclamation in the Mayor's name, commanding all persons in the City to bee of peaceable and civil behaviour, not to walk around the Streets or Rows at unreasonable hours of night'. In 1743, John Posnitt took over as 'Day and Night Bellman'. In 1792, Chester had a day and night bellman, John Yarwood and a crier, William Ratcliffe, but by 1835 there seems to have been only one position. It was not until 1998 that Chester had a crier and a bellman again.

Town criers were protected by the ruling monarch, as they sometimes brought bad news, for example, tax increases. To this day, any Town Crier in the British Commonwealth is protected under old English law that they are not to be hindered or heckled while performing their duties. To injure or harm a Town Crier was seen as an act of treason against the ruling monarchy. This is how the term "don't shoot the messenger" came about. A little known fact is that the term "Posting A Notice" actually comes from the act of the Town Crier, who having read his message to the Townspeople, would attach it to the door post of the local Inn or Tavern, so that it could be read by anyone who could read it for themselves—normally only the clergy and wealthy land owners could do this.

For the most part, the citizens of the towns relied on the crier for the latest information, be it good or bad news. These could include Famine, War, Feast, and Taxation Changes. Remember there was no radio or TV in olden Days!

Criers were not always men. Many Town Criers were women. Bells were not the only attention getting device. In Holland, a gong was the instrument of choice for many, and in France they used a drum, or a hunting horn.

Dear Members,

This is our first Newsletter for The Great Mystic Portal, and I would like to use it to welcome you all here to our new and blessed home....

Without you, all the effort and work that went into creating this Board, would have been for nothing... You are the life force and positive energies that make this place come alive and zinggg with wonderful and healing properties....

Our board saw it's first light and life on 12 May 2007, when I had under the supervision of Creator, the inspiration to create a haven for True Seekers of Truth and Mystery... I was told by Him, that those who Truly Seek,...will find the Truth... and I can already see this unfolding before my very eyes.

When I called my Angels, they came, and offered freely of their sacred energies and vast knowledge as well as their blessed Wisdom to Moderate the different forums for me, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by the immense treasure chest of information and Power that surrounds us here on the Great Mystic Portal, and I thank Creator for allowing them to find it in their hearts to come and contribute to this Sacred Project.

This Board is a Team Effort from all of us...and as we are on a cutting edge of the Occult here, we will from time to time stumble and land in a is to be expected. What makes this Board so different from other Boards which cover the same kinds of material and explore the same fields, is that no one here displays an attitude of "holier than thou", or kick someone who has stumbled. Instead what I have seen here is that helping hands reach out immediately to help the stumbler upright again, and then more hands help to dust off the knees...and I love it!!!!!

This is what a board such as this should be all about...and it is all because of you....all of you...and again, I thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart...

As new topics come up, and as new concepts replace the old...I want to remind you all of our creed...

That no one is better than another, only different and therefore equally valuable as a scholar and a teacher. We all have something to contribute, and we all have the freedom to 'buy' what we read or 'reject' what we read, and we all have the obligation to do this with love and understanding for another's point of view. This is the basis on which this Board was built, and on which it will grow to something unique in the Cyber World.

We are all in this together....

I would also like to thank the well known and well respected and celebrated leaders of Communities who have joined our Board to bring their presence (albeit silent for now), to our Board. They are here more as Guardians of their respective Disciplines, and will probably remain silent until I make a 'booboo'...ouch!...LOL.

We have no facilities for blogs, but I feel that our different forums should be able to cover issues which members would like to vocalise over...

Our Board has gone up in record time, and the amount of posts done for the number of members we have, is very encouraging. We are a working group and not a 'lurking' group, and I will endeavour to keep it so. We are not about numbers and/or statistics, although these things are useful to analyse a trend or situation... However, I feel that quality of posts and factuality of posts are more important.

Guidelines for having a good experience on our Board will go up in the near future, and until it does, we are all prone to making little and big 'booboo's which I may have to correct on that specific post as needed, in real time. This should not be taken personal by the poster, since I know that intentions here are pure and good, however it may appear at first in a post...LOL. Once the guidelines are up, I am sure these 'booboo's will begin to become less and less...

Any Moderators who wish to contribute to this newsletter from their forums, please let me know in PM, and I will add your content here.

love and rainbows to all you very very special souls here on the Great Mystic Portal...


"Where I come from nobody goes...where I go to nobody knows..."
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Our first Newsletter for the month of May 2007
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