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 The vent I refered to earlier in a post in the Cave.

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PostSubject: The vent I refered to earlier in a post in the Cave.   Fri Jun 01, 2007 11:13 am

Well, no one reads it because we don't have a blog mechanism here, lol. But my blog back on Question only got 1 comment (thanks Angel!) probably because people who would have commented on it (I don't think Question had stats for reads) are mostly here anyway. Friends on Question probably see me intermittently and I have moved off their radar screens. Of course, I picked a subject matter that some may take exception to. Ahh, Earl, you are finding trouble without intending to by just being you, lol. Anyway, to promote more activity on this site, you have to track the blog entry down here on GMP. Need a hint? It'll be about symbols...

Raka's note: We do not advertise or promote other sites on this board, except in the Portal, and then only sites which I personally have ok' I have sensored this post... Smile

The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom while he sits by his hearth at home quickly finds when questioned by others that he knows nothing at all.
- The Havamal, verse 26

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PostSubject: Re: The vent I refered to earlier in a post in the Cave.   Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:52 pm


That was cute.... You could sell these Tshirts... millions of people feel the
same way! I have a few blogs on the go... no one goes to them either No

OKAY> I sit corrected... study I been to your blog and haven't responded.
I have a couple of learning projects on the go and 3 forums now that I attend.
It's hard to keep up. scratch I am behind everywhere!!!!
What have I done to myself ?

That is not a good enough excuse is it?
I am going to go to your blog straight away... bounce Okay.... Symbols... I like
symbols... And I love how you address your whine with a sense of

Funny.... Laughing

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The vent I refered to earlier in a post in the Cave.
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