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 Communications between men and women

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PostSubject: Communications between men and women   Wed May 30, 2007 1:04 am

Well you are either a communicator or the strong silent type. Me I am a communicator, I don't know if that has to do with me being a Sagitarius or not but if I feel something is wrong I have to discuss it and try and solve the problem at hand.
My partner on the other hand is the strong silent type who bottles everything up until he has his mood moment that spread through out the house and as I am also an empath I pick up on as soon as it happens. He is a Capricorn I am told not a good mixture, we all go for our opposites I guess.
We recently had a fight that has lasted over two days and nights so far. It started over him being confused at what I was saying. I know this now because of an e-mail which I will go to later. I kept telling him I needed more help with our son as I could not pick him up anymore due to being pregnant. I thought he would use his common sense and realise what I was actually trying to say was that I shouldn't pick him up or lift squat or anything like that due to the bleed I had last Wednesday that had me in Hospital over night. I was clearly asking to much of him, I should have used the words "I shouldn't lift anything heavy up" instead of using "I can't lift anything up". As he would see me pick up our son to waist hight to deposit him on the lounge after he would get under my feet in the kitchen while I was cooking (Another bone of contention there). He would see me lifting BK and carry him across the room when he ran away from me when it was bath time. So he was majorly confused by this, me saying one thing and doing what I supposedly couldn't. So he would just stand there watching me struggle which would make me even more pissed off (Pardon the language). After every time I lifted our son or anything heavy I would be in pain and have to sit down. The other night I asked him to bring me a chair as I thought I was going to faint. He thought I was being lazy so ignored me, I sucked it up and probably shouldn't have angrily picked up the chair and brang it into the bathroom. I had to sit down on it for a long time to recover from that and dragging BK into the Bathroom. Our son just sitting in the Bath tub smiling uncertainly at me as I was in tears.

Last night D had a headache, which when he told me it was after I had said that I wanted to discuss what was happening with us and fix what was wrong. So I thought it was just a brush off, turned off the TV which he then turned off the light and pretended to go to sleep. I ripped the Doona off him which he got back and refused to talk to me. This was after BK was in bed thank the Goddess as I hate fighting in front of him. I left him in there and went to the freezer and had two bowls of ice cream to calm myself down...(Very bad habbit I need to break other wise once the baby is born I am going to become a porker)
After I calmed down a little bit I grabbed a pen and writing paper and began to write down the things that I thought were wrong with us, telling him that I loved him but we really needed to get this out in the open before our daughter is born as if you have ever raised an infant in the first two or three months you don't get much sleep. So if you are angry with each other it will just be elevated ten fold.
When he got up he read the letter and when I turned on the computer after he left. A couple of hours later he had wrote me an e-mail, I could tell he was angry with me by the way he wrote but he did point out why he was acting this way. He was anxious about Bridget when she would be born and how we would handle it. He was also anxious about his decision to stay in the Navy whether he had made the right one too. He told me that I confused him when I said I couldn't do something and then did it anyway. And as he is a neat freak and comes home to a messy house because I really couldn't tidy up because it involved picking up all of BK's toys which hurts every time I bend over or get down on my hands and knees. He hates the fact that I am on here sometimes when he comes home as he thinks it is a waste of time and I could be doing something practical around the house. To me being on hear helps me relax and unwind from chasing after our son and picking him up as no one else will while he is at work. I explained all this in a return e-mail to him which I told him not to reply to as I didn't want an e-mail I wanted to sit down and talk to him face to face, which I will do when he gets home today.

Well that is me bearing a bit about my life to you all, hopefully for the men that come in peaking this give you a bit of incite on why it is so hard to communicate to each other.
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Milady Raka


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PostSubject: Re: Communications between men and women   Wed May 30, 2007 1:25 am

Gives her sis a great big ((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))

love and rainbows


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Communications between men and women
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