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 The Great Aussie BBQ

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PostSubject: The Great Aussie BBQ   Wed May 30, 2007 12:36 am

I have just got this idea from being silly with naked pillow fights so bear with me for a second while I stop giggling.

In Australia it is traditional in summer to have a BBQ as it is to hot for cooking in the kitchen....(A sigh of relief from all the women out there that use to cook Baked dinners in 40degree heat.)

Yes the women take care of the salads nothing much changes there (Especially if you are my partner and if a vegetable come up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder he would go screaming into the hills..mmm dejavu...Well I probably would He does not like vegetable and is very picky.

Everyone arrives and we all sit around the out door furniture out side, my partner gets up and stretches reaches for another beer and then gets all the meat and stuff for the BBQ. The instant the BBQ or maybe it is that movement by D to go towards the BBQ, all the men get up and surround it. Of course us women can not help but laugh as it is like a candle to moths. The stand around gripping their beers in one hand occasionally guestering about something manly and even sometimes scratching.

This happens at every BBQ I have ever been to in Australia and it makes me laugh every time, there is a fascination about the BBQ that men can not resist and persist in male bonding.

Okay another thing I would like to point out about the BBQ, it is taboo for a woman to go anywhere near the BBQ to cook except to hand over meat or mushrooms and onions. That is why you always see the man of the house doing the BBQ.

I am okay with that as I would be afraid of blowing myself up. I was at friends place one day and we decided to have a BBQ to test this taboo out as her man was at sea and so was mine. I was in the kitchen getting a glass of wine for us both when I heard this god awful boom. Almost dropping glasses placed them on the bench and ran out side. Standing before the BBQ was my Friend C looking extremely paler then she was before. That is pretty hard to do as she is british, she had turned on all the pilots and then the gas and you can guess what happened when she clicked the starter. I could still smell gas so I moved her out of the way and turned off the gas bottle.

This definately has to be the reason for the I have cooked on ours but D always lights it for me and turns it off afterwards, these are the times I don't mind being treated like a fragile child.
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Milady Raka


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PostSubject: Re: The Great Aussie BBQ   Wed May 30, 2007 12:40 am

i'm laugghinggggggg so hard....i cantttttype....ROTFLMAO!!!!

"Where I come from nobody goes...where I go to nobody knows..."
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The Great Aussie BBQ
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