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 So much for the womans forum

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PostSubject: So much for the womans forum   Tue May 29, 2007 8:49 pm

I wont be posting in here about womans issues if men are going to carry the topic over to Adams Apple.

I caught a post completely by mistake in Adams Apple, because I go to the portal to see whats been posted recently and clicked on a post before realizing it was the mens forum. Boy was I surprised.

So now, my lips are sealed.
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PostSubject: Re: So much for the womans forum   Tue May 29, 2007 9:29 pm

Oooh I wandered at that, I guess honesty is the best policy. When I click on the link to show me all the new posts since I last logged in I noticed stuff from Adams Apple there. Was very tempted but stayed my curiousity as I asked Raka to create this forum for us because I did not want to insult the men to much or intimidate them as much as I love my man I do like to vent about him occasionally. I don't know if you can make it just womens only forum, unless there is a way to put a seperate sign in to each of these separate forums. Other wise it is genuinely left up to the honesty of each person that enters.

Any way I guess we will have to ask Raka about that.
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Milady Raka


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PostSubject: Re: So much for the womans forum   Wed May 30, 2007 12:06 am

Oh no ladies!!!!lol!


(Winks and grins deviously)....

These forums were done so that the sexes can write their feelings without interference (but not without observation) of what the other sexes are doing... (sniffs and smells the lingering aftershave while wiping tears of laughter from her eyes).... here now, the ladies can either 'agree' or 'disagree' with what they have spied in Adams Apple..but always with respect on both sides, since these forums were made so we can eavesdrop on the other side, and so become more insightful and cultivate a better understanding between the sexes...


I think the last comment made by Earl in Adams Apple is a valid and true comment.... Having said that few men would actually ADMIT to what he has admitted to...that women are better at caregiving and that we were born Domestic Divas...

In Shamanism the Sky is called Father...the Earth is called Mother... Isn't it strange that we always 'admire' our fathers from our vantage point below them...(they are so tall in our eyes), yet we tend to trample on our mothers...because we feel as children that they are there to serve our needs.... As above so below...

Macrocosm...microcosm...The Law of Sympathies...

Having said that, and coming back to my senses...I think we should vote on this...what say ye? The voting booth is up.....

Yet another thought...perhaps I will just make a Sisterhood forum where ONLY WOMEN can enter... Dear Spirit Sis, I apologise, this is my mistake...I did not think through the full impact of leaving a forum for women open to view...That has now been corrected and I am sure Earl didn't mean to 'pry' either... I think he has a tendency to press on little 'new topic' light buttons when he is I hope we will not burn him at the stake in some obscure ritual....yet...LOL!!!

love and rainbows


"Where I come from nobody goes...where I go to nobody knows..."
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PostSubject: Re: So much for the womans forum   

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So much for the womans forum
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