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PostSubject: A Cool Front   A Cool Front Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2007 1:58 am

I had to laught when D came home today as BK had done his best at making the place look like a bomb went off. As I am so due I can't find the energy or the ability to go around after him picking stuff up...and you know what it gave me some pleasure that he saw it this way as I is such a clean freak and well as much as I love a clean house I am not as on top it as I would like or him.
After last nights debacle me yelling phrases like "What part of I can't lift anything don't you understand?" resulting in me going to bed after BK went to bed as I was in to much pain and I had the poos majorly with D over being so incensitive to my needs. Me I am a person who when seeing someone struggling I jump right in and ask them whether or not they need a hand. He just likes to watch me struggle, or maybe he doesn't realise that I am struggling but still has a smug look on his face that instantly gets me aggrivated. Arrrrgh! Mmm seems to becoming out of my mouth a lot He has just come home and has went for a walk to look a t boat that is for sail, I think partially because I ignored him when he came in as I was folding clothes and he was a bit ticked off about BK's mess, which he started saying words directed at me but added BK's name just in
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A Cool Front
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