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 Getting hairdye out of surfaces your skin and fabrics

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Getting hairdye out of surfaces your skin and fabrics Empty
PostSubject: Getting hairdye out of surfaces your skin and fabrics   Getting hairdye out of surfaces your skin and fabrics Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2007 7:12 am

Beware...LOL - this is one of the toughest stains to remove, especially if the hair dye was the dreaded black. Prevention really is the best thing by wearing old clothes when dyeing your hair and applying Vaseline to the hairline to stop seepage onto your face. If you do manage to stain something, speed in dealing with it is vital.

If hair dye is spilt onto vinyl flooring, gently remove by rubbing the area with alcohol and a clean cloth. If the dye goes onto carpet, dab first with cold water and then apply some neat detergent to the stain before sponging off with warm water. You may have to repeat several times. If the stain persists, try some commercial stain remover and then carpet shampoo afterwards, if necessary. As a last resort, you can try lightening the stain with hydrogen peroxide solution.

For fabrics, immediately immerse in cold water and soak for as long as possible to remove as much colour as possible. Next, rub the stain with neat detergent and sponge off with cold water. If the stain still persists, try soaking in warm water this time, containing a biological detergent - possibly overnight - and then wash as normal. If the fabric is non-washable, again use the neat detergent on the stain and carefully rinse off and then take to the dry cleaners if the stain persists.

Another method is to blot first with some rubbing alcohol and then for natural fibres (such as cotton or wool), apply a solvent such a turpentine or mineral spirits to the back of the stain which will transfer it to the clean white cloth underneath. For synthetic fabrics, do the same using hydrogen peroxide. If a stain is really stubborn, you may have no option but to use a mild bleach solution although remember that there is always a chance bleach can damage clothes too.

If hair dye stains skin, the most successful remover is cigarette ash (strange as it may sound!) rubbed directly onto the skin at the stained area. Unfortunately, if you are regretting the hair dye on your hair, your best option is to wait for it to grow out, particularly if it is black or a very dark colour. If you try to bleach it out, you could seriously damage your hair, stretching it and thinning it until it falls out. There are certain commercial products which remove dye from hair and hot oil treatments as well as repeated washes will gradually fade the hair dye.

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Getting hairdye out of surfaces your skin and fabrics
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